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Bike bag pink/grey

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Little & Pure has designed the bike bag for a warm and comfy bicycle ride.

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Little & Pure filled a gap in the market with the new bike bag

Rain, wind, cold, snow. Climate in the Netherlands is dynamic, and winter sometimes brings frost. Isn’t it lovely then, to know your child is always comfortably warm in carrier cycle, cart or sled? Little & Pure has designed a bike bag with openings for your carrier cycle’s safety clasps. The outside’s dark grey water repellent material is also wind proof. The bike bag is reversible, so you can choose to sport the woollen inside on the outside. Wool has many unique qualities, such as:

  • Wool is self-cleaning and dirt and bacteria repellent
  • Wool is a natural air conditioner. It provides warmth to the sheep in winter, and cool protection in summer.
  • Wool has a large absorption capacity, and breathes the moisture out again as it were.
  • Wool is safe. The combustion point is very high, around 600 degrees Celsius.
  • Wool is naturally elastic, and shapes itself around the body.
  • Wool is anti-static.

Wool is the best way to keep you warm in winter and adapt itself to your body temperature in summer. How unique does it get!

The Little & Pure bike bag is available in green, pink and natural, and comes in two sizes:

  • Size 1: length 100 centimetres (up to about three years)
  • Size 2: length 135 centimetres (up to around six years’ age)

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Dimensions 110 cm


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